Implementing Agencies


CMT Prooptiki is an independent management consulting firm, specializing in health & social care consulting, EU project consulting, social & economic development, established in Athens in 1992.
A core team of specialist consultants combining experience of the health & social care sector with commercial and business expertise, enables us to apply a rich blend of knowledge and insight to provide real added value for our clients.
Supported by a diverse team of IT experts and communication professionals, policy analysts, economists and health professionals, as well as an extensive network of external associates from the public, private and non-profit sectors.




Contact Information

Spyrou Merkouri 38

Athens 116 34

Tel: 210 7298196

Fax: 210 7298197



The company “DIMITRA” Institute of Training and Development S.A. (training organization) was established in 1989 in Larissa by a group of young scientists, who wished to invest in the development of the human resources of the entire Greece.

Seated in Larissa, today it maintains two permanent branches in Athens and Thessaloniki, but through other collaborations it has developed with other Vocational Training Centres, it covers through its services the entire country.


Our vision is
“To contribute through the fields of our activities, vocational training, research, technological innovations and the development of transnational co-operations to the shaping of the necessary preconditions, which lead to the utilization of the total of human resources as a driving force for the integrated development of our country.”

The mission of our organization is the provision of integrated training and consultancy services, which ensure the development of the human resources and cover the ever growing needs and demands of the labour market.



Contact Information

Central Office – Larissa

Palaiologou 19, 41223 Larissa
Tel: 2410 554026, 554027
Fax: 2410 554028


PRAKSIS (PROGRAMS OF DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL SUPPORT AND MEDICAL COOPERATION) is an independent Non Governmental Organization whose main goal is the design, application and implementation of humanitarian programs and medical interventions.

Our goals

Our main goal is the elimination of social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and the defense of their personal and social rights.

Our beneficiaries: Greek poor, homeless, uninsured, economic immigrants, asylum seekers/ refugees, unaccompanied minors, trafficking victims, sex workers, children begging in the streets, injection drug users, Roma, HIV seropositive people / PLWA, Hepatitis B and C patients, MSM (Men having Sex with Men), prisoners, people released from prisons, Greek families that face the repercussions of the financial crisis … any person that faces social or / and financial exclusion and is deprived of basic goods.

The three axes constituting our job

  • Prevention
  • Direct intervention / support
  • Lobbying and Advocacy





Contact Information

Stournari 57  (Central Office)

Athens 104 32

Tel: 210 5205200