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 4018/11 (Government Gazette A 215 / 30.09.2011): Reorganization of the licensing system for the stay of foreigners in terms of increased security Agency, issues of Local Government and other provisions of jurisdiction of the Interior Ministry.

By Law L.4018/11 defined the function of the One Stop Shop. According to the new law, the jurisdiction of the municipalities of the Country for receiving requests of third country nationals to issue or renew a residence permit, and giving them the decisions issued following the relevant applications, are being transferred to the Migration Services of the Devolved Administrations, the territorial jurisdiction of which they are members.

The Immigration Services, are now defined as the receiving points and assume beyond their other responsibilities, as defined in the bodies of the devolved administrations and legislation in force, the responsibility for reception and service of citizens, domestic and foreign, for the matters of competence Departments of Foreigners and Immigration of the devolved administrations and in particular:

  1. receiving applications for the grant or renewal of residence permits or other documents of legal residence,
  2. searching documents through an electronic interface, if such a possibility exists, by third parties for the completion of all applications,
  3. the delivery of residence permits and the relevant overruling decisions or of recall,
  4. receiving applications employers for inviting foreign labor force,
  5. providing information regarding the procedures, documents and conditions prescribed by the applicable legislation for the issue or renewal of residence permits, and for inviting foreign labor force,
  6. providing information about the test procedure and folders
  7. collecting the Exchequer of the provisions of the applicable legislation of fees and administration fees


For more information download the L.4018/11 (file PDF in Greek language)

L.4251/14 (Government Gazette A 80 / 04.01.2014): Immigration and Social Integration Code and other provisions

The new “Code of Migration and Social Integration” L. 4251/14 brings changes and modifications relative to the L.3386 / 05. The new Code attempts to simplify certain civil procedures for issuing residence permits of third country nationals legally distributed in Greece and reshape some important existing arrangements.


For more information on the provisions of the new Migration Code and Social Integration, download law L. 4251/14 (file PDF in Greek language)